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Dr. Linda Lindley-Bell (Morphis) has been practicing Chiropractic since 1985 in Georgia and has added Massage and Bodywork in 2014 after being inspired to deepen her understanding of the soft tissue structure and function of the human frame. Her practice in Woodstock consisted of patients from newborn to great-grandparent, seamstress to competitive bodybuilders. She enjoys enabling athletes of all ages to excel in their sport of choice and continue to be competitive into their senior years. She has utilized Standard Process products to help balance and support her patients nutritionally.
“The human body is such a fascinating and amazing creation. The more I learn about the body, the more I want to learn. The capacity for our living flesh to repair and recuperate is beyond our expectations when given the chance. Through opening access of the nervous system to the extremities, stimulating the circulatory system and allowing lymph drainage to flow, reducing pain while increasing range of motion, lengthening short tight tissue fibers and strengthening weak underactive musculature; we can make vital changes to how you feel and how you move. We are in the business of changing bodies and changing lives. My personal goal is to partner with you to change your body and your life. My heart is to be a bridge so that through our association you can cross over to a new level of living in a state of peace, joy, freedom and health.”
Debra Barnes, D.C. was drawn to chiropractic after a chiropractor helped her mother’s chronic back pain in 1992. “My passion for chiropractic continues to grow the more people we help.” Always interested in health and nutrition, Dr. Barnes trained for 5 years and received her chiropractic degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. She worked in Melbourne, Australia prior to moving with her husband Curtis to Seattle, WA. In WA, Barnes Chiropractic originated and finally moved to the south! We are located in Rankin County, near the reservoir. All her patients appreciate her loving and dedicated personality. “We are really excited about the future of healthcare, where prevention is the goal instead of 'sickness' care. Our passion is helping people regain their health. And Keep It! ”
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Vonda- Front Desk Manager
When you call the office, Vonda's voice is likely the one you will hear. She will get you booked in, give you direction for your appointments, and process your visit once completed.
Email the Front Desk here. Please note, if your appointment is less than 24 hours away, please call instead.
Kayla- Chiropractic Assistant
Kayla assists the doctors in electronic health records. She maintains records for us, fills in where needed, and keeps the doctors on track!
Anna- Therapy Assistant
Using many different modalities to help your pain, therapeutic needs, foot orthotics,inventory or x-rays- Anna is there to make sure you are properly cared for.
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2. We will never profit by selling your name, or using it in any way inappropriately. This includes your email address.

3. We would like to send you information occasionally in the mail or on email. This will be approximately one to two times a month, on your birthday, and any other special notices re: office happenings. You may opt out of this at any time.

4. We encourage testimonials, you never know how you may help someone else. You may give it to any staff member, or email it in.
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